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Makeup with Skincare Benefits – Ellana Mineral Cosmetics │ Featured on KikaySikat

May 03, 2017 1 min read

Whenever I scout for cosmetics, I make sure that it does more than just one function. It could be multipurpose or it could have skincare benefits. Today I’ll be sharing with you a brand that has been low-key for a long time. A brand that delivers makeup with skincare benefits. Along with my personal favorites.

I knew Ellana Mineral Cosmetics back in my college years. I’m now 30 FYI, owned by beauty maven Theresa Carbonel. She started producing handmade mineral makeup when it was the current trend. I was instantly a fan! Today, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics produces not just mineral powders, but cheek tints, lip tints, and even brush cleaners! Take a look at my handpicks below.

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