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My top five Ellana Mineral Makeup must-haves │ Featured by Liz Lanuzo on Project Vanity

January 19, 2015 1 min read

Smart people are often stupid when it comes to love. They have this hubris borne out of past victories, so they feel that they're intelligent enough to get out of an unfortunate situation unscathed, should they wish. They feel confident that they can solve the problem or change the other person or even know something as basic as what they want - but they can't and they don't. Love, as cliche as it sounds, makes a fool of us all. Smart people have it worse because they think they're immune to the consequences.

Just a passing thought as we all go back to work after that long-ass Pope weekend! I want to start the day off with a list of must-have products from my favorite local cosmetics brand, Ellana Minerals. People always ask me what to try if it's their first time to encounter this mineral makeup line. There are so many products that it can get overwhelming at first sight, so I've made this simple list of my personal recos. ^_^

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