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Why the Philippines is a beauty market to watch │ Featured on Premium Beauty News

November 05, 2018 1 min read

Originally on Premium Beauty News

The Philippines is evolving into a flourishing consumer market with a modern retail landscape that’s a mix of local and international brands, sold both at local community stores and high-end shopping malls. The Philippines’ beauty industry holds huge growth potential, all thanks to a growing middle class and improved logistics.

Local beauty brands offer these products at very competitive prices to cater to lower-income consumers, while more premium local brands are attempting to woo brand-conscious consumers with the premise of not having to pay more for imported brands. 

Some notable beauty brands from the Philippines include Ellana Cosmetics, also recognised as the number one mineral makeup in the Philippines.

As consumers around the world become more knowledgeable about products and ingredients, the country of origin is no longer a barrier for local brands to take their brand overseas. Product quality now supersedes brand names and masstige beauty product producers like Ellana Cosmetics have the potential to venture beyond the Philippines.

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