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The Search for Poreless Perfection Ends With Ellana Mineral Cosmetics
For beauty enthusiasts, finding “holy grail” products is a labor of love. However, one category often turns this into a long and costly mission: base makeup! 
Ellana Mineral Cosmetics is here to put the arduous quest for flawless coverage to an end. 
How many times has makeup promised oil control or extensive shades, only to melt away in the heat or clash with Southeast Asian tones? Can you remember expensive foundations needing to be discarded after a disappointing performance?  
Sometimes, the solution lies closer to home. Ellana Minerals celebrates its return with a range of sophisticated and affordable mineral makeup created especially for the Southeast Asian skin.  
The name Ellana means “light” or “bright” in Greek origin. A perfect name for the what makeup should be - light and easy on the skin, giving its users a sheer and natural glow.
A world where the pursuit of beauty goes hand in hand with healthy skin.
To be recognized as a high-quality natural makeup brand, which is the preferred daily use makeup by young, career-oriented South East Asian women. 
Brand History
Theresa Carbonel Buenaflor
Company Profile 
Ellana Minerals was established in 2008 and is the No.1 Mineral Cosmetic Brand in the Philippines. 
"Ellana Cosmetics" is now the intellectual property of Vivanti Executive Advantage Inc, under the mother company Elevese Buenven Holdings Corp, which also has stakes in Pharmaceutical Distribution and Executive Search Services. 
Vivanti formulates and distributes high-quality color cosmetics that are made from quality European and Japanese sourced natural ingredients. 

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