A Guide To Ellana Product Use By Dates

It's important to use cosmetics before its "best used by" date. Using products beyond this date can be harmful to your skin.

The reference for the "best used by" date can be found on the product packaging. 

At Ellana Cosmetics, our "best used by" dates are based on the period after manufacturing. This means products should be fully used up within the specified number of months after the manufacturing date.

Determine the "Best Used By" Date

Every Ellana product features a small number series printed on the side of the label, back of the bottle, or under side of the jar. The manufacturing date of the product is the first 4 digits (mmyy) that follow the product's alphabetical code. 

Example: FP-111800483
Flower Power Setting Spray, manufactured on November 2018.

Our Setting Sprays are best used within 24 months. 

As such, make sure to finish it up by November 2020.

"Best Used By" General Date Guide

All-Natural Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub - 12 months

Aloe and Rose Hydrating Lip and Cheek Gel - 24 months

Calm Skin Lightweight Cleansing Oil made with Skin Balancing Tsubaki - 24 months

Clear Skin Clarifying Serum with 91.6% Blueberry and Botanical Actives - 24 months

Cream Skin Hydrating Serum with 89% Wild Korean Yam - 24 months

Cream to Powder Concealer with SPF16 Mineral SkinShield - 24 months

DDCC Daily Defense Color Correcting Moisturizing Primer with SPF30 - 24 months

Even Skin Lightweight Cleansing Oil made with Pore-Refining Jojoba - 24 months

F*off Sanitize Everything Alcohol Spray - 36 months

Flower Power 3-in-1 Facial Multi-Mist with Izayoi Rose Extracts and Vitamin C - 24 months (*12 months apply for selected batches manufactured in 2020)

Glass-C Skin Brightening Serum with 74.6% Sea Berry and 15% Vitamin C - 24 months

Glass Skin Glow Cooling 3-in-1 Facial Mist with Mandarin Extract - 24 months (*12 months apply for selected batches manufactured in 2020)

Keep Clean and Bright Papaya + Clairblanche Face and Body Soap - Pack of 3 – 24 months

Keep Clean and Calm Face and Body Oatmeal Soap - Pack of 3 – 24 months

Keep Clean and Clear Face and Body Glycerine Soap - Pack of 3 – 24 months

Keep Clean and Cool Tea Tree Face and Body Soap - Pack of 3 – 24 months

Keep Clean Hydrating Hand Sanitizer - 27 months

Keep Clean Hydrating Hand Soap - 24 months

Life-Proof Brow Gel with Marula Oil - 24 months

Life-Proof Eyebrow Pencil with Castor Oil - 36 months

Linefinity Eyeliner Gel with Lash-Strengthening Marula Oil - 24 months

Lip Drunk Blush with Tsubaki Oil - 24 months

Lip in Luxe Liquid Matte Lipstick - 24 months

Loose Mineral SkinShield Concealer with SPF16 – 36 months

Loose Mineral SkinShield Foundation with SPF16 – 36 months

Loose Multipurpose Face and Body Highlighter - 36 months

Makeup Sanitizing Spray and Instant Brush Cleaner - 36 months

Multipurpose Color Cream for Eyes, Lips, and Cheeks - 24 months

Oil Controlling Blur++ Primer with Sebocure, Talc-Free - 24 months

Original Glow BB Foundie with SPF50 Mineral SkinShield - 24 months

Pressed Mineral SkinShield Foundation with SPF50 - 36 months

Recover Hair Fall Control Shampoo Bar with Marula and Castor - 30 months

Refresh Gentle Cleansing Co-Wash and Conditioner Bar - 30 months

Relax Conditioner Bar with Mango Butter - 30 months

Renew Clarifying Shampoo Bar with Rosemary Extract - 30 months

Repair Hair-Strengthening Shampoo Bar with Abyssinian Seed Oil - 30 months

Rescue Dandruff Care Shampoo Bar with Tea Tree and Neem - 30 months

Satin Stain Shine Hydrating Lip and Cheek Serum Stain - 24 months

Save My Skin Multi-Use Beauty Balm - 24 months

Skin Smoothing Blur Primer with Allantoin, Talc-Free - 24 months

Stay Fresh 3-in-1 Facial Mist with Camellia Extract - 24 months (*12 months apply for selected batches manufactured in 2020)

Stay Matte Poreless Oil Control Powder - 36 months

Take It Easy Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover with IZAYOI and Rose - 24 months

Unwind Clarifying Green Tea + Tea Tree Serum Spray - 24 months

Uplift Hydrating Niacinamide + Vitamin C Serum Spray - 24 months



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