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A Guide To Ellana Product Use By Dates

It's important to use cosmetics before its "best used by" date. Using products beyond this date can be harmful to your skin.

The reference for the "best used by" date can be found on the product packaging. 

At Ellana Cosmetics, our "best used by" dates are based on the period after manufacturing. This means products should be fully used up within the specified number of months after the manufacturing date.

Determine the "Best Used By" Date

Every Ellana product features a small number series printed on the side of the label, back of the bottle, or under side of the jar. The manufacturing date of the product is the first 4 digits (mmyy) that follow the product's alphabetical code. 

Example: FP-111800483
Flower Power Setting Spray, manufactured on November 2018.

Our Setting Sprays are best used within 24 months. 

As such, make sure to finish it up by November 2020.

"Best Used By" Date Guide

Instant-Dry Brush Cleaner 
(Fragrance Free/Cucumber Melon)
36 months

Loose Multipurpose Pigments
36 months

Mineral Foundation
(Loose Mineral Foundation, Loose Mineral Concealer/Foundation)
36 months

Stay Matte Poreless Powder
(buttercream/clear/cooling powder)
36 months

Cream to Powder Mineral Foundation
24 months

Daily Defense + Color Correcting Primer
24 months

Blur Primer
24 months

Lip in Luxe Matte Liquid Lipstick 
24 months

Lip Drunk Blush
24 months

Life-proof Brow Gel
24 months

Lip and Cheek Gel
24 months

Take It Easy Makeup Remover
24 months

Lip Scrub
12 months

Multipurpose Color Cream
24 months

Setting Spray
24 months

Beauty Balm
24 months


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