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Mood Mask Washable Face Mask
Blue Mood Mask
Black Mood Mask
Brown Mood Mask
Red Mood Mask
Fresh Green Mood Mask
Light Blue Feather Mood Mask
Fur Dreams Mood Mask
Pink Mood Mask
Okinawa Mood Mask
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Purple Geode Mood Mask
Life-proof Eyebrow Pencil
Light Brown Brow Pencil
Red Brown Brow Pencil
Dark Brown Brow Pencil
Stay Matte Poreless Powder with Jar
Buttercream with 1 Mirror Jar
Cooling with 1 Mirror Jar
Clear with 1 Mirror Jar

LIMITED-TIME PROMO: Let your brows and healthy skin stand out as you #StaySafe with our washable face mask! Get our bestselling Mood Mask, Life-proof Eyebrow Pencil, and Stay Matte Poreless Powder Jar all in this promo bundle.

Mood Mask | Washable Face Mask With Microfiber Filter

Wear a new color every day to match your look, style, or mood! Now with a third, mask filter layer made of 3-ply polyester microfiber, our Washable Mood Mask provide comfort, style, and breathability, in addition to providing effective protection and air filtration for daily wear. The Mood Mask fits the standard face mask safety requirements and has passed blow-flame and water-spray tests used to simulate droplet emission.

Available in several fashionable designs! 

Life-Proof Eyebrow Pencil with Castor Oil
Our easy-to-use Life-proof Eyebrow Pencil has a unique hexagonal tip that allows for precise brow definition. This beginner-friendly pencil lets you create any brow shape of your choice thanks to our blendable formula and natural-looking finish. 

Available in 3 shades:

Light Brown - for blonde to light brown hair; also for bleached and wildly colored hair.

Red Brown - for red/reddish-brown hair or hair with more red/copper/ginger undertones.

Dark Brown - for dark brown to black brown hair.

Net Weight: 0.38 grams
Expiration Period: 36 months

Stay Matte Poreless Oil Control Powder Jar 
An all-in-one power powder! Whether you need to prime, set, or touch-up, our Stay Matte Poreless Powder does the job. Mattifying and refreshing, this powder is perfect for achieving a poreless finish that will last you all day long. 

Available in 3 shades:

Buttercream - features a brightening yellow cast that warms up the skin and helps create a luminous, sun-kissed complexion

Cooling - features peppermint oil to refresh the skin, plus a peach tone to brighten dull skin!

Clear - is translucent, good for all skin tones.

Net weight: 8 grams
Expiration Period: 3 years

This bundle comes with our refillable Mirror Jar for your powder!


Stay Matte Poreless Oil Control Powder Jar
Buttercream with Jar
Cooling with Jar
Clear with Jar
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